SC103 - burnout
Photopolymer for model making in burnout casting with a very low coke residue.
Ideal for precision art and jewelry 3D printing.
Can be used to make burnout casting patterns for bronze, copper, tin or iron products using standard vacuum casting methods and settings. 
SC103 models do not require additional polymerization in a UV or heat chamber.
SC103D polymer models are thermoplastic, which protects the thin-walled shape from fracture due to thermal expansion of the model during the initial phase of the burnout process.
Adapted to work with 365 nm and 405 nm radiation sources.
To remove uncured polymer after printing, it is recommended to use isopropanol followed by rinsing the product in warm water with a surfactant.
Physical and mechanical parameters:
ASTM D638, Type V, 10 mm/min
Tensile strength --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40 MPa
Elongation at break ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10%
АSTM D7582 coking residue (TGA) ------------------------------------------------------- <0,008 %
Softening temperature ------------------------------------------------------------------------  50°C