The 3D printing modeling and process management software we are developing at Sprybuild includes:

Software tools for processing digital 3D models:

  • multistyling

  • modules to modify STL models

  • support modules

  • modules for quality control and print parameters

In the process of model preparation for printing it is possible to replace a part of the model's solid body with a synthesized structure with set parameters, which is especially useful in the manufacture of foundry burned models. 

There are convenient means for synthesis of parametric filling structures based on three periodic minimal surfaces.

We use advanced algorithms to correct the projection contours, which provides increased accuracy and substantial minimization of the "pixelation effect".

In the process of model preparation for printing the automatically implemented algorithm of generation and arrangement of supports is used.

Sprybuild software contains tools for creating a technological map of a project for managing technological transitions in the printing process, tools for managing the printing process, saving projects and administration of prepared and/or implemented projects.

There are software tools to collect data and control the printing process in order to detect and correct printing errors.