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The Sprybuild company was established in 2016 by engineer and entrepreneur Oleg Khalip in Ukraine, now the company's divisions are located in Zaporozhye and Kiev. 

Our first invention - high-speed photopolymer printing technology - CPWC

Gaining expertise in 3D printing we have developed several models of high-speed 3D printers.

  • high-speed, high-precision 3D printer for dental laboratories,

  • industrial 3D printer with high-speed continuous 3D printing technology - CPWC,

  • CICE industrial immersion 3D printer for rapid production of elastomeric photopolymer products.

We create 3D printing software that includes 3D model preparation, print management, and print process control, and we use innovative algorithms to correct projection contours, place supports, and manage process transitions in the printing process.

Sprybuild has developed and successfully tested a series of photopolymers for three-dimensional printing - rigid, flexible, elastic and burnable.

A painting system for model photopolymers has been developed and successfully tested.

Sprybuild is interested in investments for further development

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